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Jobs for America’s Graduates-Missouri (JAG-Missouri)

First Lady Teresa Parson and Governor Mike Parson serve as co-chairs of the Board of Directors for JAG-Missouri, a non-profit organization that works to provide guidance and mentorship to at-risk middle school and high school students. The program assists students by implementing strategies to increase academic performance, attendance, graduation rates, job placement, continued education and training, and career preparedness. JAG-Missouri currently operates in more than 60 schools across the state and has demonstrated great success in their mission to ensure extremely high graduation rates. Increasing numbers of graduates not only positively impact the next generation of Missourians by helping them achieve their personal and professional dreams, but it also benefits the state of Missouri by reducing the likelihood of unemployment, public assistance, incarceration, and adverse public health. JAG-Missouri anticipates expanding their operations to 68 schools and 103 programs for the 2021-2022 school year, serving 3,250 students. The First Lady continually visits classrooms where JAG programs are available and she sees firsthand the impact the program has on its students.

Follow this link to the JAG-Missouri webpage for more information Mission and History – JAG-Missouri, Inc.

The Children of Missouri

As First Lady, Teresa is a dedicated advocate for children with special needs, especially because of her personal experience with her great-niece who is affected by autism. The First Lady believes it is imperative that we ensure all Missourians are aware of the important role these children can play in society when we provide them with the right opportunities. Her goal is to ensure that parents have access to the right resources and are equipped to deal with the challenges that come with caring for a loved one with special needs. In order to make these initiatives more fruitful, financial support for these endeavors is essential. The children of Missouri are the bedrock of the future of the state of Missouri. The First Lady will raise support annually for the purpose of investing in the next generation.

CommUNITY Service Challenge — Summer 2021

This summer, First Lady Teresa Parson has created a community service initiative to challenge kindergarten through sixth grade students to get involved in their local communities. The First Lady invites all elementary students to participate with this mission in mind: “The goal of this challenge is to instill in kids a heart for service and ask them to join me in devoting a small portion of their summer break to serving others.” By instilling in our children the value of helping and uplifting our neighbors, we are strengthening a spirit of generosity in the next generation of dedicated Missourians.

During the inaugural year, more than 575 students from 85 of the 114 Missouri counties have signed up to serve their communities. For photos and updates from the CommUNITY Service Challenge, click here: First Lady Teresa Parson